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Hi and welcome to my site. I would like to thank my boyfriend, James for building this site for me. Just in case you were wondering why I chose it's because I'm short, small, and I have blonde hair. Just to top all that I have ADHD! ehehehehehehehe Here is some fun facts about me!
  • Name: Nikki Aka Blondeliltike
  • Where I live: Des Plaines
  • Where do I go to school: Benedictine University
  • Major: Special education and phys.
  • Brothers and sisters: One brother, two sistersMy brother has a son that is three and my sister has a son(3yrs)and a daughter(1.5yrs.)
  • What I like to do in my free time: Swimming, reading, watching t.v., bible study, and hanging out with my friends and family.
  • Am I seeing someone currently: Yes
  • Movies: I like almost any movie(action,chick flick,comedy, horror)
  • Book: Bible(Is life), I am currently working on left behind series(Im in the second book), I also like mystery books
  • Sports: Swimming mostly long distance, I was in band and choir which I miss and love to do
  • Music: I mostly listen to Christian, but I can listen to other things as well I just don't like so much bad content(but it is something I can deal with)
this page was last updated in Fall 2006
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