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Blog: Numb

I have one more point to say and that is that we need to notice how numb we are to violence. It took another even like Virgina tech to wake us up however, the wake up call doesn’t last very long which is a problem. We used to have in horror movies all boo tactics now we actually have to see the women be cut open and torn apart. So, notice what happens around you and try and let others know that we are numb. We don’t take things as serious any more. We laugh and make jokes. Some of us do drinking or drugs to make the pain numb in our lives. But in the morning you are going to wake up and feel the pain and this is important. It is your choice whether you become numb to the violence or take a stand and try and stop the violence. Now, you are probably thinking stop the violence yeah right how can I do that. Tell the people around you if you here them talk about such violent acts tell them to not to that and talk to them. Try and point out things to them. If you notice people making fun of someone take a stand. I know it’s hard because I am usually the one just watching but, I can no longer watch! Most of all if you know that someone is suicidal or has huge issue that you feel is getting out of hand talk to an adult or a counselor. Trust me you don’t want to wake up the next morning and find out your friend is dead. Besides if they are pointing and showing signs to you it’s a cry for help whether they want to Emmit it or not it is.


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