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Blog: Guide me!

Hey Lord,

A lot has been going on with me Lord. At times I feel the holy spirit just guiding me along in my life. It’s this amazing feeling. At other times I feel guilty for not being the best Christian that I know I can be. I just ask you Lord if you could please guide me. Help me see your ways. Also Lord I have been going through some hard times with people and my relationships with those people. I keep praying Lord that you guide me on the right path because I don’t know what else to do. Sometimes I feel like well, maybe I need to just take a step back a while from the relationships so that I may see the corrections that need to be made. Do I really say what my heart tells me? I know I do, but I think when it comes to such things such as anger or sad I’m afraid. I’m afraid to show those feelings. Lord just help me speak about my feelings more whether it be with my parents, family, friends or even my boyfriend. Not only do I ask that you help me with those feelings but, just take them away Lord before they overwhelm me. Don’t get me wrong I Love being able to help or work with other people and how they feel. I know that I meet certain people in my life for a reason but, why? To me I figured out that I am supposed to help others by using my gifts for which God has given me. Other times we aren’t supposed to know why we are meeting the other people in your life. All you know is that you are happy about it and that is all that matters. Is that all that matters? How do you know when you are ready for that relationship? For me I don’t always know but, I try and have faith in my relationships. You know God the other relationship I have been needing to fix is the one I have with you. I don’t study the bible much at all anymore. The only times I actually pick it up is when I am in church. That’s it. I want to do more Lord. I want to open the bible and just start reading the verses. I not only want to read them but, understand them. Sure I have been doing many other things like watching television, going to movies, and school but, what about you Lord? This is what I keep asking myself. I don’t want to find myself falling away from you. I want more of you. Please Lord guide me! My Life is in your hands. So, Lord whatever your plans are for me whatever you want me to do with my Life just stay with me Lord because I can’t lose you. I won’t! I won’t allow myself! Thank you Lord for guiding me, giving me life, giving me faith, giving me an amazing life, forgiveness of my sins, and most of all being there for me! :) So lord please help me in my relationships with others. In Jesus name, AMEN


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