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Blog: Christmas Break

Okay, sorry I haven’t written much in a while. It’s been really crazy these past few weeks. First of I would like to say that Christmas was very fun. It great seeing the family and watching my nieces and nephews play with their new toys. I also spent some time with my sister, Carolyn who has a disability. We spent one morning after church playing catch. It was great because I haven’t done that in a while. I have been meaning too I was just too lazy to do it I think. This isn’t a good excuse because she is my sister. I love her. I think that it is very important to spend time with family in general. Next, I also spent a day with my dad and a day with my Mom. With my dad we went to go see the new James Bond movie which was really good. I recommend that movie. When I spent time with my Mom we have a spa day going. Fun girl things!
Now, a few days later I left on last Friday of December and drove with my parents to St. Louis area where James was staying. We spent time with his family (I even got to spend time with his Grandparents) which was great because I don’t have Grandparents anymore to really visit. We went to go see the lights at Our Lady of the Snow (Beautiful show case of lights). We also went to the zoo. Yeah turtles! hehehe I really have to say one more thing on here about spending time with the Finley’s. Thank You so much for everything you have done for me and my parents. I had the most wonderful time. :)


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