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Blog: Thankful!

Hey Everyone!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I know it is not here yet, but still we should be thankful everyday for something. Even if we don’t have clothes, or a computer, or a family you still got GOD and LIFE! Which is amazing how if you lost everything you still have God! I am very thankful to have God in my life! I am very thankful for a lot of things for instance family and friends. Of course, James being part of my life. I thank my parents for taking me into their home when I needed a family. I thank God for saving me so many times. I am also thankful for my people in my life that guide me and challenge me! Taught me what I know today! I pray for those who feel like they don’t have anything. Well, guess what those you don’t think they have anything you have just gained two friends God and me. I pray that you find something to be thankful for. As well as having a great Thanksgiving Day! I even encourage you to write what you are thankful for here on this site in this site as a comment! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!



Tom Krush : November 15, 2006 05:17 pm

Lets not look at the food this thanksgiving but actually see what people have done in this world and thank them for it. Nikki made a special request I post this little prayz from a conversation. "God has been doing so much for me right now. He has been supplying me energy to build and design. While school is suffering a bit I am getting so much respect for knowledge. And on top of all that God has been putting so much influence on the people around me."

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