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Blog: Coming up to breath

Hey everyone,

Wow! Has it been a while. Sorry things have been really crazy! I have been trying so hard so balance everything out and I’m struggling. It really hit me again when I was trying to finish my second 200 in the water I just stopped and broke. It hit me recently that I having been talking or spending time with God as much. I needed to really bad. See for me I have been having a really difficult time keeping control of my emotions I guess you could say. I either get really sad or I am just fine. Now when the sadness hits I feel like I don’t want to be here and I know that that feeling is just because of girl issues. I have been doing better now that I brought it up more with God. See when this hits me and I start about it to people I feel like I am burdening them or something of the sort. Which is why I have decided to just give it to God no one else unless I feel like I really need to. In this case I know things will be better it just needs God and time. I know that we need to share how we feel with others and I understand that but, I think I need to put on a limit to where I notice hey me this me that when I could care less about how I feel. I care about others and God. Now sure I guess if I am not doing good how can I take of others? That is what you need to do. Take care of yourself to the point of where it fixes the problem not to bragging about your problems because lets face it there are a lot of problems out there! And more are only going to come I can tell you that right now. So I ask you this if you feel like you are losing yourself and you feel like throwing in the towel don’t fight though it. If their is one thing I learned a fews years ago is that if you give up your life or on something what does Jesus Death mean? So, this is what I have been working on now is getting organized and making time for God. I need to and of course you should just randomly pray to God. That is what I did yesterday! Well, I pray everyone is well! Take Care! Oh yeah happy late Halloween ehehehehe!



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