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Blog: God give me strength


I need you right now because I feel so stressed out and like I keep making people dissappointed. One being my Mom and Dad. My Mom she doen’t think I am doing as well with homework. She wants me to hang out less with my friends and more with my school work. I do what else does she want from me God? I keep trying to get by inbetwwen school work and classes but, sometimes it feels like it’s too much. I just ask you Lord to help me get by this school year. Instead of my falling Lord I want to be caught in your arms God. I want to be near you. I know I can’t make everyone happy. I try to be the best person that I can. I don’t like getting mad. I know it’s normal, but it bothers me. When your mad you say things you don’t mean and I don’t want to say anything that gets people mad. I don’t want to hurt others. Sorry if this hurts you I’m not trying to. Thank you Lord for listening! I Love You! In Jesus name amen.


ps now I must get some rest for my quiz tomorrow! goodnight


Zehira : September 15, 2006 02:24 pm

Blondeliltike hang in there. You can get through anything, you have the strength and faith..

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