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Blog: I am now a college student!

Hey college is really great! I was really nervous in the beginning and now I feel more comfortable. I am joining the Campus Crusades for Christ! I am also planning on joining swim team here at Ben. I haven’t figured out how all of this is going to work because I am mostly doing homework. I don’t have so much time to mess around which is why I have been having a hard time posting. I haven’t even really had time to email my friends. Sorry! :( I will try my best to though. For those of you who don’t know I live with someone from Taiwan. Her name is Tina. We get along great. She is like another sister. I Love learning about her culture. Soon we are going to go shopping for things for our room shelves and decorations. Recently here at Ben our second floor painted a wall. I will post the picture wants I get my camera from home. When you look at the picture you will see two roses and a butterfly. The body of a butterfly is a cross (on its side). Well hope everything is going well! Take Care!



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