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Blog: Black bear

How was your summer? My summer was awesome. Spent time with friends, family, and boyfriend named James. Did any of you go away for summer vacation if so where? I went to black bear with my parents. My black bear is in Wisconsin (up north). We stay in Eagle River. We stay at what is similar to an apartment complex ehehehehehe I have my own room and bathroom. This trip I went fishing, boating, swimming, praying, and lots of reading. Thank you Mom and Dad for such a fun trip! Here are some pictures (I will add the pictures a little bit later tonight.

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Jenny : September 04, 2006 01:28 pm

My summer was fast. I didn't really go anywhere this year. Oh! Oh! I went paintballing with Erik at Sherwood Forest in Indiana. That was fun. That was early in the summer. P.S. GIMME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!!! And go to my website and fill out the address book thingy!Thanks! heheYour Friend,Jenny

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