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August 29, 2006 : Welcome to!

Hey, everyone, I am James, the designer and programmer behind Blonde Li'l Tike. AKA The Boyfriend. This site is almost ready for launch, and you'll notice over the next couple days content will start appearing in the proper places. I will be around sometimes with design and programming announcements, but you can find me over that "the Gates of Hell": all the time. *Update*: The Photo page is up with some photos, and more will come when I show BLT how to do it herself. These are from my collection. :D Also, the Photo Feed at the bottom is active, and the About and Blonde page placeholders are up. The next thing to do is the article page and comment form. *Update 2*: I have the article pages fixed now, and the comment form needs a styling job now.

September 01, 2006 : Black bear

How was your summer? My summer was awesome. Spent time with friends, family, and boyfriend named James. Did any of you go away for summer vacation if so where? I went to black bear with my parents. My black bear is in Wisconsin (up north). We stay in Eagle River. We stay at what is similar to an apartment complex ehehehehehe I have my own room and bathroom. This trip I went fishing, boating, swimming, praying, and lots of reading. Thank you Mom and Dad for such a fun trip! Here are some pictures (I will add the pictures a little bit later tonight. ~Blonde lil tike :)

September 14, 2006 : God give me strength

HiGod! I need you right now because I feel so stressed out and like I keep making people dissappointed. One being my Mom and Dad. My Mom she doen't think I am doing as well with homework. She wants me to hang out less with my friends and more with my school work. I do what else does she want from me God? I keep trying to get by inbetwwen school work and classes but, sometimes it feels like it's too much. I just ask you Lord to help me get by this school year. Instead of my falling Lord I want to be caught in your arms God. I want to be near you. I know I can't make everyone happy. I try to be the best person that I can. I don't like getting mad. I know it's normal, but it bothers me. When your mad you say things you don't mean and I don't want to say anything that gets people mad. I don't want to hurt others. Sorry if this hurts you I'm not trying to. Thank you Lord for listening! I Love You! In Jesus name amen. BLT ps now I must get some rest for my quiz tomorrow! goodnight
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